Let’s Connect

As the longest-running global network, we work to drive and deliver local action and global impact for people, place and planet.

We champion the use of technology and data for a safer, more activated, beautiful, sustainable, resilient and equitable future for everyone.

We don’t just talk. We enable and inspire others to do the same because everyone benefits when everyone works together.

Everyone how we are igniting a movement working to ensure that, as the Future of Place is designed and delivered, no one is left behind.

Everyone will address key global social, economic and environmental themes including well-being, mobility, energy, data protection & cyber security and regional community enablement, Everyone uniquely focuses on action and impact.

Take a stand for our collective future, because smart isn’t just for cities. It’s for everyone.

We invite you to join us in enhancing the livability, inclusion, resilience and economy of our habitats, for Everyone.

The clock is ticking.
Are you with us?

Corey Gray
Global CEO