Everyone an initiative working to ensure that, as the future of place is designed and delivered, no one is left behind.

We are a global network for public-private co-operation to enhance the liveability, inclusivity, resilience and sustainability of our habitats, born out of world’s longest standing and most respected and recognisable global Smart Cities organisation, the Smart Cities Council.

We develop and apply science, data, technology, and engineering to enable a safer, more activated, beautiful, sustainable world now for the future, promoting inclusivity, equity, and conservation of natural environments.

Our Ethos

We are about People, Planet and Beyond,  (not just data and technology).

 We are of Everyone, by Everyone and for Everyone, past, present and future, (not just today’s fortunate and elite).

We take decisive Action that has a positive, long-lasting, self-perpetuating Impact, (we don’t just talk).

We uniquely connect, enable and inspire others to do the same, (using knowledge, systems, tools and networks).

We believe there are no competitors in the pursuit of our Vision, (only collaborators).

Everyone benefits when Everyone works together, (not just the few).